Christopher John's Photography

Digging Deep

Codi Saunders swimming the breast stroke against Santana

Powerful Butterfly

Colin Culkin of Granite High School powers through the water in the 200 Butterfly. A great compeition was had between both schools.


Running strong at the Mt. Carmel XC Invite 2011

Volleyball on any Level


Go ahead and jump...

Dive and Hope for the Best

Wakey Team Volleball Portrait

Must Reach...

Running Hard

Point Loma runner racing his heart out at the first X-Country meet of the season


Racing to the finish...


Fired up after scoring a point for the team...


Ladies final for the 200 IM.

Go Time

5th Gear


Valhalla runner racing to the finish

Race Time

Austin Vuong racing in the 200 IM against Granite High School.